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Over the Road Training

Jacqueline RochaComment
Over the Road Training

When it comes time for you to pack your stuff and hit the road, it’s going to be nice to have a list of recommendations for your basic needs. When we first came out over the road, we had no clue if we would be able to stop at restrooms, let alone a store. We didn’t know how much truck stops sold either, but we quickly learned how expensive it would be if we tried to rely on truck stops for our basic needs.

In our situation, there were 3 people in a truck; both of us, and our trainer. Thankfully, he was a small guy and packed light. Regardless, in an 80’ sleeper there’s limited room for 3 people and their luggage.

You shouldn’t have any issues stopping at local stores and supermarkets for your shopping, so don’t pack too heavy.

Packing recommendations:

Small soft sided duffel bag (easy for stuffing into corners or small shelves)

10 shirts/5 pants for up to 10 days of use (additional light jacket for fast changing weather)

Shower bag - waterproof - to hold clean clothes and cleansers for your shower

Shower supplies - shampoo, conditioner, and body wash

Baby wipes (for a quick wipe down in an emergency)

Pair of shower shoes

Twin set of sheets and pillow

Bluetooth headset (for hands-free music and phone calls)

Car chargers for cell phone/headset

Laundry bag and travel sized bottle of detergent

Pocket sized notebook for quick note taking

Good luck in your training and in your travels!